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Make Your Pool a Tropical Paradise With a Border Garden

A pool

One of the most popular styles for a swimming pool is tropical. Homeowners want their backyard pool to feel like their own tropical retreat. Naturally, the design of the pool itself is the foundation of this ideal. However, landscaping is an integral part of creating a luxurious pool escape. Promote that tropical vibe with a border garden around your pool.

Palm Tree

The first plant you think of for a tropical garden is likely a palm tree. These trees come in different varieties, and each has their own maintenance requirements. However, palm trees are tropical, so they generally prefer full sun, warm temperatures, and a fair amount of moisture. That said, you can browse palm trees to find one that favors the natural growing conditions of your yard.

The placement of your palm trees depends on the size of your border garden. If you have a small space for the garden, you'll want just one palm tree as a focal point. You'll probably plant it off-center to create a naturalistic appearance.

If you have a larger garden, you may choose to cluster palm trees, which creates an organic appeal. For a more formal layout, consider an even number of palm trees that you have planted at regular intervals.

Alternatives to Palm Trees

Palm trees have notoriously thin canopies, so they're not good shade-givers. If you want your border garden to create shade for your yard, consider one of the following trees in lieu of palm:

  • California sycamore

  • Jacaranda

  • Western redbud

All of the above trees have canopies that create more shade. However, they're not as appropriate for planting near the water itself because they shed leaves and other debris. If you want a shade-bearing plant near the water, consider papyrus or bamboo. They don't bestow quite as much shade as the above trees, but they also won't drop debris in the water.

Other Plants for the Border Garden

Pretty much any tropical plant will look good in your border garden. Hibiscus and bird of paradise are especially popular. They both add color and are tolerant of some moderate splashing. A banana tree is an attractive alternative to palm, though it doesn't create much more shade. Remember, when you're choosing poolside plants, just make sure they won't drop debris.


What do you think of when you imagine the land around a tropical pool? You probably imagine sand. Well, sand around your pool would be a mess, so a good alternative is to use pea gravel as groundcover. Indeed, pea gravel consists of stones that water has flowed over, creating a naturally smooth surface. Choose a color that either resembles sand or that complements your hardscaping.


Part of what's going to make your pool landscaping unique is the curbing. Extruded concrete is the preferred method for making a beautiful, continuous curb around your garden. For this process, the contractors mix the concrete and shovel it into the landscape curbing machine. They push the machine along the designated line to create a concrete border.

One of the big advantages of concrete extrusion is that the contractors can use it to create any shape around your swimming pool. One of the popular options is a freeform shape, which gives the impression of an island of landscaping around your pool, further enhancing that tropical vibe. The contractors can stamp and stain the concrete so that it resembles natural stone like that found on an island.

If your target ambience is more that of a luxury resort, you could have the contractors create a geometric shape with the curbing. In that case, consider having the surface stamped and stained to resemble brick, which would be an upscale material found at a luxury tropical resort.

Create wow factor around your swimming pool by transforming the landscaping with a border garden. Let Daytona Classic Curbs, Inc., help you with this transformation.