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Create an Outdoor Entertainment Center Around Your Residence

Family Having Dinner In Garden
A well-designed and landscaped residential garden is an asset to any home. Your garden is the first thing that visitors see when they approach your house and establishes the look and character of your residence.
As a homeowner, you can personalize your residential garden to highlight the activities that you like to experience outside of the walls of your home. To do this, start by planting native trees and plants to provide sunlight, shade, shape, and color.
Once these trees and plants are established and growing, you can install other elements to transform the different parts of your yard into unique entertainment areas. To distinguish these areas, surround each one with concrete landscape curbing and walking paths that lead from one area to another.

Define Distinct Garden Areas With Concrete Landscape Curbing

To define the different areas of your yard, surround each separate area with concrete landscape curbing that complements the architecture, style, and color of your home. Fill the space inside of this curbing with small rocks, gravel, or wood mulch.
This will keep the underlying soil moist, prevent weeds and errant plants from taking root, make maintenance easier and quicker, and make your garden look artistic.
If you have a contemporary home with a minimal design, use landscape curbing without texture or stamping to frame the plants and trees in each area and keep them separate from your green lawn.
If you have an older home with a more elaborate design, use landscape curbing that is textured and stamped with a design. This will more accurately reflect the design of an older home.

Create an Outdoor Cooking Area

To create an area in your yard where you can cook outdoors, place concrete landscape curbing around a flagstone barbecue grill and warming oven. To complete this design, install a concrete floor that is flush with the top of the landscape curbing.
This design will keep your trees and plants safe from the heat and flames of a cooking fire.

Install a Pond and Running Stream

To add interest to your landscape design, install a pond and fresh-water stream around your garden. These water elements will irrigate your trees and plants, create humidity, and create soothing sounds of running and falling water as it travels through your yard.
Design your running stream to use water from a spigot or faucet near your home. Remove about 12 inches of soil in the bottom of the stream bed and line it with a layer of small river rocks.
Line both sides of the stream bed and pond with concrete landscape curbing that angles away from the center of the running stream. This will help to disperse excess water runoff when the weather is wet or inclement.

Create a Footpath

To connect the different areas and sections of your yard, install a footpath with flat pavers made of concrete or flagstone. Place the stones near each other and fill in the spaces between the stones with wood mulch, pine needles, sawdust, or organic compost.
To complete the footpath, run an electrical wire from your home circuit breaker and install a length of small twinkle lights along both sides of the footpath. This will light the path so you can use it at night. 

Personalize Your Residential Yard

You can create other areas in your residential yard to hold your utility meters, store your trash bins, create a vegetable garden, install a children's play yard, or put in a basketball court.
To designate these different areas, surround them with concrete landscape curbing and fill them with mulch.
To design and install custom landscape curbing in your residential yard, contact Daytona Classic Curbs, Inc. We are experts in garden design and can help you create a garden that reflects your personality and is easy to water, weed, mow, and maintain.